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This site is completely free. There is no charge for any of the information on this site.I have been using Phentermine on and off for years and was always looking for reliable sources to buy from without the fear of either not receiving the product, or worse yet, getting something other then what I had ordered. The other problem I had was when I would start taking it again, trying to find a reliable place because sometimes people are not very willing to share that information. So, I decided I would build this site and make available to anyone that is looking for a reliable place that sells a legitimate product. If you have any questions, you can contact me at phen4less@yahoo.comyahoo im phen4less

Update  I am going to be updating this site with a list of online pharmacies that I have had a positive personal experience with or that I know is reliable. I will also include a list that have been known to have some problems. If any of you want to add to the list, just let me know:) I thought this could be a good place to get information on some good resources and some feedback from others. I hope to have this up within the next few days. As you know, the best place to get any kind of information is by word of mouth. Groups of like minded people:) There are many weight loss clinics out there that are becoming more available and more understanding to each individuals circumstances. They are also more willing to work with you more then just your local Doc. Not all states are quite there yet, but they are catching up. Until then, you will see what we see on the internet now, and that is why these online pharmacies are so popular when it comes to prescription weight loss diet pills. Those of us that have a hard time obtaining them, will turn to online pharmacies as a last resort. There are those out there running some of these online pharmacies that are aware of this and will take advantage of people online. You see it all the time no matter what the medical need is. That is why we need more forums and support groups so that we can share information.

** Please Note, The link here Links to a list of online pharmacies that are known to offer legitimate phentermine without the worry of what you are going to receive and if you are going to receive it. The pharmacies listed there do not require a prior Doc. referral or prescription. Please refer to my blog on how online pharmacies and outside sources are listed in this area. These online pharmacies also do offer other medications as well that covers anything from pain medications, anxiety, etc. So if you are looking for anything in this area, it may be able to help you. I myself focus on the phentermine since that seems to be the thing most difficult to come by, and hard to find legitimate online pharmacies that offer it.

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